Green asparagus is grown in a flat bed so that it is exposed to the sunlight. Exposure to the sunlight increases the chlorophyll content, which is what makes the asparagus green, has a more intense nutty flavor than the white or purple asparagus

Purple asparagus is grown in mounds similar to the white asparagus except it is allowed to grow approximately 3 inches above the surface before it is harvested. During this time it is exposed to the sunlight just enough to begin changing colors. Its flavor is slightly more intense than the white asparagus

White asparagus is grown underneath a mound of dirt that keeps the stalks from turning green. Once the stalks crack through the surface of the mounds they are harvested. It is harvested in the early morning so that it has limited exposure to the sun, since too much exposure will start to turn the asparagus green. This variety has a more delicate flavor than green or purple asparagus.